I Teach People to Drop Ship on eBay

I made $67,892 my first Year Drop Shipping on eBay and I have made over $500,000 over the last 5 years Drop Shipping on eBay.com and eBay UK. Over the last 2 Years I have spent most of my time Teaching other to Make Money Drop Shipping on eBay and Now you can learn from me For FREE.


Why I Started Grind Camp

For those of you who may not know, Grind Camp is a FREE Coliving, Coworking experience that I started in 2017. Grind Camp currently is made up of Two locations; a full Time Location in Managua Nicaragua and 1 main yearly event in San Juan del Sur. But before I go into...

THE TRUTH about Why Jon’s Math Problem Scares Me

If you are reading this and you do not know what "Jon's Math Problem" let me give you a bit of quick history...   The Back Story.... I Run a YouTube Channel called NO BS Drop Shipping and I have a group on Facebook called the Honest Drop Shippers. Both of which cover...

Day 1 of my Shopify Drop Shipping Journey

Hey guys, So today is the 7th of February, 2018 and I am starting on a Journey of Building a Shopify Drop Shipping Store.   Why I'm doing this... So those of you guys who know me, I have been making a full time income, Drop Shipping on eBay for the last 6 years or so,...

How eBay Drop Shipping Saved My Life!!!

Many of you guys reading this may know this story, but if I have done my job right, MOST of you reading this do not.   Short back Story.... I grew up in the Twin Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, went to the US to study Mathematics when...

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