Hey guys,

So today is the 7th of February, 2018 and I am starting on a Journey of Building a Shopify Drop

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Shipping Store.


Why I’m doing this…

So those of you guys who know me, I have been making a full time income, Drop Shipping on eBay for the last 6 years or so, and I teach people how to make money drop shipping on eBay on my YouTube channel. I have also been able to Drop Ship on Amazon successfully and although I have had two small Shopify Stores I have never went all in on building out a Shopify Drop Shipping store.

I you research “Drop Shipping” online, the majority of the content you will see is about Shopify Drop Shipping but the reason for that is that many marketers have found it relatively easy to make money marketing Training courses on Shopify Drop Shipping. The reason for its popularity online has nothing to do with how Hard or Easy it is but more to do with what is more lucrative for Internet Marketers. What I do know about Shopify Drop Shipping is that you can build a really big business around Shopify Drop Shipping and this is what I set out to do.


Why Now?

So now you know why I am doing this, I am sure you are wondering why NOW after so many years of Drop Shipping on eBay….

eBay Drop Shipping is not going anywhere. My business is stable and it is pretty automated so I am some FREE time to take on more challenges. But the main reason that I am doing this now, is because I have a friend, Preston, who is now staying with us here at Grind Camp, and he runs a successful Shopify Drop Shipping Business. And the fact that I have someone here that I can ask any questions I have about the business, will ensure to save me time on my learning curve to success.


So now I leave you and go into some Drop Shipping training and Preston gave me, and hopefully I can do some Niche research today.


Stay Tuned the updates on my Journey.




No BS Drop Shipping

CEO: DsG Group Inc

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