If you are reading this and you do not know what “Jon’s Math Problem” let me give you a bit of quick history…


The Back Story….

I Run a YouTube Channel called NO BS Drop Shipping and I have a group on Facebook called the Honest Drop Shippers. Both of which cover the topic of Drop Shipping. The honest drop shippers group has close to 30,000 member at this time of which, a little over 21000 are active members. These people range from “wannabe” drop shippers and internet marketers to full time entrepreneurs who make tens of thousands of dollars a month….


Anyway, I digress.

The problem I am talking about is below:


As of this point where I am writing this post, the problem has 312 comments and at least half of the people commented on the problem got it wrong. Many of them did not only get it wrong, but spent time debating, arguing and justifying their wrong answer.


Why this WORRIES ME and why Entrepreneurship Is NOT for EVERYONE…

Most people looking at this at the surface will think that it is an easy Math problem and there is not much “enlightenment” that can come from little exercise. I am sure that when Jon posted this problem, he had no clue that all of this will come from it.


This is the bottom line, Entrepreneurship is challenging. Even starting something as simple as an eBay Drop Shipping business requires work, dedication and decision making on a daily basis and many decisions that are made daily in any business, does not always have a clear cut answer like a simple math problem. When you are running a business, you are going to get advice from everyone and even more so, discouragement from everyone. At every point of my Entrepreneurial Journey I was Discouraged by my family to stop what I was doing and get a job. MY FAMILY, the people who love me the most was giving me the advice that they thought was best for me.


My point is this…. Much of the Success that I have found as an entrepreneur has come from 1. Knowing when I am Right or Wong, and 2. Making decisions on my own, despite EVERY SINGLE PERSON AROUND ME telling me I am making bad decisions. Many of these decisions are not clear basic Math questions where there is a simple and definite right and wrong answer. So it really really concerns me to see people that 1. Do not know when they are wrong, 2. Will not spend a little extra time to check if they are right or wrong and then 3. Fight and try to convince others of their wrong answer when they ARE WRONG.


I guess this is why most Businesses Fail……


By the Way. The Answer to the Problem is $20

I explain it in this video




Good bye…..

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