Hey Guys,

   So here’s My story…

My name is Marc Augustine, and according to my friends, I’m an Entrepreneur, E-commerce Expert and YouTuber.

I was born in Trinidad and Tobago on the 11th of January, 1983 to my Wonderful Angelic mother, Carol Augustine and my father, Garth Augustine. I spent my childhood back in Trinidad, until I moved to the US at the age of 18 and this is where my search for “The American Dream” started. I currently live in Nicaragua pursuing the “American Dream” from the comfort of my home in Central America.

I currently run a Software Company called DsG Group Inc, with my Close Genius friend and Brother-from-Another-Mother, Kwesi Stewart; and I’m an Advisor at a Marketing Agency called “The Client Catchers” while making a full time income Drop Shipping on eBay and running 3 YouTube Channels part time, and Hosting fellow Entrepreneurs at my FREE Co-living, Co-working location in Nicaragua called Grind Camp.

My Search for the American Dream…

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always tried to start businesses. The first business I could remember starting was a smoothie stand, when I was 15 years old at Fatima College, my secondary school.

When I moved to the US to on an Academic Scholarship at Morgan State University, I stepped up my Entrepreneurial game a bit by starting: 1. A moving Company, 2. A DJ Group called Fireburn Sound 3. A Web Development company called Virtren LLC and attempted to start: 1. Trinidad’s first E-commerce Shopping experience called Trini-mall, and 2. A Crowd Funding platform called “Netrepreneur Funding” , long before crowd funding was a thing.

Once Graduated with Honors with a degree in Mathematics, I worked as an Assistant Manager at Target for a couple months and could not handle the typical 9-5 and I started back on my quest for the “American Dream”.

What is the American Dream???

The American Dream to me is  the ability to achieve Business Ownership and Financial Freedom, and Since I left my last job at Target in October 2005, I have been on a Daily, Non-stop Grind to Achieve this dream. I have had my Successes, which have been Highlight on the Huffington post Twice (Article 1, and Article 2)and I have definitely failed more than most… This blog starts at a point where I have somewhat Achieved this Idea of the American Dream and I am on a quest to get to the Next Level.

Join Me on My Journey

Marc Augustine


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